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Javadekar, Smriti endorse Delhi police version on JNU campus violence

New Delhi, Jan 10 (GCCurrentAffairs) BJP leaders and Union Ministers on Friday welcomed the initial ‘breakthrough’ made in the probe by the Delhi police with regard the January 5 violence in the JNU campus.
“Left design in JNU unmasked,” tweeted Union Minister Smriti Irani minutes after a senior Delhi police official named a few Leftist organisations behind the JNU campus.

The police on Friday released photographs of nine suspects or ‘masked protestors’ identified for the violence at JNU on Sunday late evening and named most members of the Left-controlled students’ union.

Among others, JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh too has been named by the police.

Endorsing the Delhi police version, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said the announcement made by Delhi police is “revealing” and it also shows there was ‘conspiracy’ and a strong element of ‘instigation’.

In her tweet, Ms Irani wrote: “They led mobs of mayhem, destroyed public property paid for by taxpayers, disallowed new students from being enrolled, used the campus as a political battleground. #LeftBehindJNU Violence becomes public knowledge as Delhi police releases violence”.

Mr Javadekar said one thing common for Congress, the Left parties and the AAP is they have been ‘rejected’ by the people in 2014 and in 2019 general elections.

“I will advise students not to be misled by political masters…..and my appeal is go back to studies. Don’t get instigated. Tell your political bosses, do not use students in your politics,” Mr Javadekar told reporters.
With regard the opposition parties, he said, “My appeal to opposition parties is also that you may pursue your politics, but do not drag students into these”.

“Police has brought out the facts behind JNU violence,” Mr Javadekar said also lamenting that in their ‘frustration’ after being rejected by the people of the country in two subsequent general elections, “these opposition parties are misusing students”

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