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Jayesh Is Being Targetted Unnecessarily: Temple Committee

The Swami Samarth Temple’s Managing Committee on Wednesday alleged that the police are trying to frame its President Jayesh Naik in the Sultan Bellary murder case. The committee said that there is a conspiracy to finish Jayesh since 2007 as he is leading the Hindutva movement.
Temple committee headed by Manager Padmanabh Pai said that the police have been targeting Jayesh unnecessarily. He said Jayesh is being targeted because he is leading the Hindutva movement and was confident about Jayesh not involved in the Bellary murder case.
When asked why Jayesh is missing if he is not involved in the murder, Pai, citing Cipriano’s example said that Jayesh is scared of the police. He informed media persons that since 2007, there have been many incidents where police have tried to harass Jayesh and his family.

Pai questioned if police can identify the deceased with the help of finger prints, why can’t they find out about the thieves who robbed temples across the state.
Pai said that the police have been telling the devotees not to visit the temple as by doing this they will not be benefitted in any way. He also said that the police and some of the politicians want to finish Jayesh and taint the image of Samarthgad. He alleged that there conspiracy behind this episode.
Meanwhile, when asked about the car Pai informed that the car was kept as the first prize for the lottery during the Ganesh festival. As Nitin Dicholkar’s sister-in-law, who won the car, was unable to take it due to financial constraints, Nitin bought the car. Jayesh being Nitin’s very close friend, the car was sometimes being used for temple activities and hence one of the keys of the car was kept with Manager Pai.
However Pai informed that two months back he had given the keys to one of the active members of the temple Sandip who is also missing. Pai also said that Sandip is working as a driver for a mine in Hospet.

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