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JD (U) to take-up Caurem Issue at Centre

Condemning the atrocities on the villagers of Caurem and the cowardly attack on the Youth Leader Nilesh Gaonkar; Janata Dal United Goa In-Charge and National General Secretary, Javed Raza, stated that the party would take up the Caurem issue at the Centre.

Speaking at a public awareness meeting organised by NGOs on the Caurem atrocities, Raza, said, “It is sad and disturbing to hear about the atrocities heaped on the people of Caurem, even to the extent of assaliants attacking a young youth leader. So far the concerned authorities have not taken any corrective action; and we think it should get its due justice. Therefore we would take this issue first up at JD (U)   meeting and then raise the issue at the Centre.

JD (U) condemnation is yet another political party standing up in support of the people of Caurem, who have been witnessing serious issues of human rights violations. BJP earlied this week condemned the attack on Nilesh Gaonkar and other atrocities meted out on the villagers of Caurem.


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