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Jilted Lover Sets Paramour’s House Ablaze, Three Injured

In a shocking incident one Ratnakar Laxman Dubdali from Orissa set ablaze the house where his girl friend was residing after she refused to marry him and in the process while the girlfriend escaped with minor injuries, one Gariba Ishwar Andrap was grievously injured while his wife also suffered some injuries.
The incident occurred at the 20-point programme colony at Pirni Verna where the original allottees  of the houses have rented them out to migrant labourers employed at the Verna Industrial Estate.

The accused Ratnakar whose marriage five years ago broke up after his wife deserted him shortly, was in love with one girl also hailing from Orissa who was living in the house occupies by Gariba and his wife as they hailed from the same village in Orissa.
After his marriage offer was rejected by the girl, Ratnakar got drunk and poured kerosene from the window into the room where  Gariba, his wife and Ratnakar’s girlfriend were sleeping and then set it ablaze by throwing burning cotton into it.
As Gariba was sleeping nearest to the window, he was immediately engulfed with the fire, while the two ladies managed to escape with minor injuries and raised an alarm. Gariba has been admitted to Goa Medical College with very serious burn injuries.
Police immediately swung into action and managed to nab Ratnakar at Cortalim. Besides having burn injuries on his hand, Ratnakar has also reportedly confessed to the crime.

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