JioPhone Next roll-out now to start before Diwali

New Delhi: Roll-out of JioPhone Next smartphone, designed jointly by Jio and Google, will now start before Diwali.

The affordable smartphone was earlier scheduled for launch on Ganesh Chaturthi which falls today (September 10).

In an official statement, Jio and Google said that they have made considerable progress towards launching the much-awaited JioPhone Next.

“Both companies have begun testing JioPhone Next with a limited set of users for further refinement and are actively working to make it available more widely in time for the Diwali festive season,” the statement said.

This additional time will also help mitigate the current industry-wide, global semiconductor shortages, it added.

JioPhone Next is built with features like the Google Assistant, automatic read-aloud and language translation for any on-screen text and a smart camera with India-centric filters among others.

“The companies remain committed to their vision of opening up new possibilities for millions of Indians, especially those who will experience the internet for the very first time,” Jio and Google said.

Via UNI-India
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