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Joaquim Alemao For Notifying RP 2021

Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao promised to fix up an appointment with the Town and Country Planning Department officials to enable the villagers of Cavorim Chandor to check the map of their village before it is notified as part of the Regional Plan 2021.
While asserting that he personally was keen that the Regional Plan 2021 be notified as soon as possible, he however pointed out that certain procedures have to be followed.
However, the villagers appealed that they be allowed to study the planning done for their village to ensure that whatever was discussed and decided at the various ward level meetings and the different village level meetings held to prepare the plan for the village is adhered to.

Conceding that the demand was justified and in the interest of the village, Joaquim Alemao offered to fix up an appointment not only with TCP Officials but even members of the Task Force if necessary so that the fears and apprehensions of the villagers are allayed.
Reacting to his suggestion that a committee be constituted that will meet the officials, Village Sarpanch Derick Braganza Pereira suggested that the very committee constituted to prepare the plan be entrusted this responsibility.
The villagers agreed to this suggestion and thanked the minister who is also the local MLA for taking this initiative, which incidentally is the first of its kind in the entire State.


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