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Joaquim’s Assurances Dominate Gram Sabhas

The assurances given by local MLA and Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao dominated the Gram Sabhas of Cavorim-Chandor and Guirdolim Gram Sabhas held on Sunday with the blasting at Bobcol in Cavorim being heatedly discussed at the former.
At Cavorim-Chandor villagers demanded to know the Panchayat’s stand on the blasting to extract black metal that was affecting their houses and some of them got quite emotional about it cautioning that they may be crushed under their crumbling houses if the blasting was not stopped.
As the land was belonging to the Communidade that had given the lease, the Sarpanch pleaded helplessness and urged the members to take up the matter with the Communidade.

Cavorim Communidade President Tiago da Silva who was present for the meeting while refusing to divulge any information to the Gram Sabha on grounds that Communidade was an autonomous body whose affairs could not be divulged at any forum, assured that he would be calling for a General Body of the Communidade to discuss the matter.
Joaquim Alemao while on his visit to Cavorim-Chandor had asked former Zilla Panchayat member Clafasio Dias to discuss the matter with the Communidade managing committee and other interested members and villagers wanted to know what happened at this meeting.
It was finally resolved that Clafasio Dias be called to the Panchayat office to answer the questions raised by the villagers.
GARBAGE: Cavorim-Chandor Sarpanch Derrick Braganza Pereira announced that the Panchayat was in the process of appointing Clinton Vaz as a consultant to manage the garbage issue in the village and added that a garbage collection centre would be set up shortly.
As the site suggested by the Panchayat was found to be not suitable, the Gram Sabha suggested that the centre be set up next to the market along with a composting pit so that the wet garbage from the market could be treated there itself.
OILEM TOLLEM: The huge lake called Oilem Tollem was asked to be de-desilted from the tourism development aspect. As Joaquim Alemao had assured to get this project sanctioned, the Panchayat was asked to immediately write to the Tourism Department about it.
GUIRDOLIM GRAM SABHA: Gram Sabha members urged the Panchayat to vigorously follow up on the assurance given by Joaquim Alemao to construct a rail over bridge, at least for two wheelers.
It may be recalled that on 5th December when Joaquim Alemao had visited the village, the villagers had demanded a rail over bridge as they have to waste a lot of time at the level crossing.
The villagers had even suggested the site for this construction where no houses would be affected since open land lay on either side of the railway track.

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