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Jose Philip to resign today

Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza is expected to resign as  Nationalist Congress President, Goa this evening as he said he wanted to relinquish this post, in view of the recent trouble he had with party MLA Micky Pacheco.
In fact while announcing that his resignation letter is ready, he said he would ask his party leadership to make Micky Pacheco the president of Goa unit. Jose Philip plugging for Micky as the next president is to taken on the former Tourism Minister’s challenge that if he was the president NCP could win 10 seats in Goa.
NCP’s national General Secretary and Goa desk incharge Prakash Bhingsale is scheduled to arrive in Goa this afternoon and will meet both Jose Philip and Micky to sort out their differences.

Following the fisticuffs the duo had in public, Micky had accused Jose Philip of trying to kill him.
Jose Philip who has received a shot in his arms with his brother and wife’s victory at the just concluded municipal elections, chose to take a high pedestal by stating that for him the growth of the party in Goa was more important and said he would let the High Command have the final say in the matter.

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