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Jose Philip Unfazed

Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza dismissed the charge against him of grabbing municipal land at Khariwado as a political issue raked up by his rivals only to tarnish his image.
Speaking to media persons, he said the land in question is where “Villa Domrine” the ancestral house of his family where his grandparents lived, is situated and added that everybody in Vasco knows that the house has been existing there for years.

In fact, he said his family including his father were born and brought up in the same house. However, he admitted that the land belongs to the Municipal Council and stated that the structure on the land has been in the possession of his family for years now.
While pointing out that the Mormugao Municipal Council came into being only in 1968, he said his family has been in possession of the house for nearly a century now.
Jose Philip accused the MMC of illegally and fraudulently grabbing the land that originally belonged to the Dempos and where his grandfather had set his abode while working as a coconut plucker.
While pointing out that there are set rules and regulations for land acquisition, he pointed out that as the Revenue Minister, he could not acquire land for his personal use.

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