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Journalist accuses St Stephen’s School principal of sexual abuse

Chandigarh, Oct 29 (GCNews) Journalist and photographer Sanjay Austa in his blog has alleged that Harold Carver, now Founder and Director sexually abused children when he was Principal of St Stephens School, Chandigarh

Narrating his own incident, Austa, states, “I remember it was after school.  Carver expressed deep concern, his big forehead always full of deep undulating creases, creased  up all the more. He promised to get me a good hostel.  In the middle of phone calls to one of his contacts he told my father to stay in the office. Meanwhile he led me to a classroom where he made me  sit across from him.

And then looking me straight in the eyes,  and with my father in the next room, he asked ,” Son, tell me truthfully. Do you masturbate?”.

He further narrates, “Then, one day, over a week or so after the, “ Do you masturbate”, question, Mr. Carver called me to the office. Sitting there in his copious Principal’s chair, and me standing in front of him for what seemed like eternity, he tried to browbeat me into the idea that sex with him would change my life.

He asked me, “ Who do you think of when you masturbate?”.   And when I did not respond, he graciously told me to “take your time”. I squirmed, but he helpfully gave options. “Sridevi?,  Rekha?, Madhuri ?”, he prodded.”

Austa goes on to describe the manner of the allurement of Harold Carver, “Then he gave a long spiel about how kissing and petting by him was not a sin. He tried  inducements. He said he would appoint me the school captain . And that he was already thinking on those lines.

Not the one to give up, he tried  hypothesizing.  “Imagine you are on an uninhibited island with a friend and he tries to kiss you, what would you do?”, he asked.  I thought, I finally found an opening to stave him off . “ I would punch him”, I said.

“What if I tried to kiss you”,    he said. “ I’ll do the same”, I blurted, but am very sure it must have been incoherent and almost under my breath what with my heart pounding in fear, anger and confusion.

He then flailed his arms about as if I had actually punched him and told me that he would be in his office after school that day and I should come there if I wanted to see my life changed. “ After 10 years you will realize this opportunity I am giving you”.  he said.”

In another article in the blog, Sanjay Austa shares his interview with Errol Rodrigues, the then music and social sciences teacher at St. Stephen’s School Chandigarh, whom the children first approached in 1988 and how he tried to get them justice.

Here is what Errol Rodrigues states, “They boys said Carver would would pile 4-5 of them on each other in a room and love watching them having sex. He would then watch  them  and masturbate himself.”

Interestingly, the then principal Harold Carver was arrested on sexual abuse charges and was later released.


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