Jupiter Xll Enters Orbit of Malaysia's Media, Entertainment Sector

SRAM & MRAM Technologies and Resources Limited a UK based tech giant, today launched Jupiter XII fund, a media intensive close ended fund to marks its entry into the tinsel town. With the world growing towards content aggregation and content management, SRAM’s entry looks apt considering all the leading players are moving in the same direction.


Left to Right: Dato Ram Nair, Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Datin Wendy Wong, Dato Fauzi, Dato Nancie Foo

SRAM has plans to invest a total of USD 120 Mn primarily to create avenues in the high demand Video on demand, Content streaming, Hyper-targeted content and advertising verticals of the media and advertising industry. These are just a few of the developments that will transform the media and entertainment industry this year as per the observations of SRAM Group Chairman Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani.


Dr. Hiranandani emphasised that the challenges ahead for the media and entertainment industry in 2018 will be to figure out how to create tailored customer experiences when there is mass customization of experience across all content, advertising, and brands. This will proliferate exorbitant amounts of data about their preferences, relationships, habits, locations, etc. which would a great mining opportunity for big data analysists like SRAM to use this data to Hyper target our television, films, print and visual media Content along with advertising and optimize the customer experience based on the analytics provided by our data mining division. With this fund we intend to enter the high demand video on demand market which used OTT and IPTV for hyper targeted content for mainstream entertainment, news, sports and advertising.


Deputy Minister for Communication and Media Eddie Syazlee
Shith was all praise for both SRAM & MRAM and Produksi Seni 2020 for trying to transform the Malaysian Media Industry which he says is contributing only 2% to the overall Malaysian GDP. This association will help the local talent pool to grow and showcase their wares and ensure they can be counted among the best in the near future.

Yang Berbahagia Datuk Fauzi Ayob, Director of
Finas (National Film Board of Malaysia) was all praise for SRAM & Producksi Seni 2020 for setting up the media headquarters in Malaysia and hopes that this could spiral a domino effect resulting in larger companies coming to Malaysia to invest and thus help grow its GDP.

Speaking at the conference Ms. Wendy Wong, Chairwoman of the Jupiter XII Fund, stakeholder of SRAM Group and praised the opportunity provided for her to expand her wings in the Media and Entertainment industry. As the current Co-funder of Produksi Seni 2020, a media house in Malaysia and after having produced over 1000 hours of content, she still feels that the whole media segment is in for a huge overhaul and she wants to capitalise on the need for new and energising content. Two serials for television and a documentary are already on the floors, informed Dato Ram Nair, operations head of SRAM and partner director in MEC, which is a subsidiary of SRAM for waste water management. This will include the launch of Moonlight Saigon a collaborative effort of Datin Wendy Wong and Dato Nancie Foo.


Ms. Nancie Foo, Co-founder of Produksi Seni 2020 along with Ms. Wendy Wong, and currently the Global Director for content Management and Content Aggregation for Jupiter XII has projected at least 5000 hours of content by 2025, an ambitious project considering that they would be competing with the best in the Industry. She is of the firm opinion that competition will bring the best out of the team and will help generate content that will help change the infotainment dynamics in the media industry in Malaysia.


The whole concept of building a Media conglomerate in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur is the best thing that can happen to the Media Industry of Malaysia feels 
Mr. Pardeep Batra, Director and owner of the Spice Garden Chain of Restaurants. Ms. Mary Mam, Director, ASEAN & South African operations of SRAM said that the company proposes to carry the business model to other countries as well in the future and make build a media empire which could help budding talents from across the globe and help generate employment opportunities across nations.
Mr. Mahendra Joshi, Executive Director, SRAM and head of the Media Relations, said that Jupiter XII is just the beginning in the long list of plans that SRAM plans to do in Malaysia. SRAM has plans to invest heavily in IT, Infrastructure, construction and a host of other business verticals and wants to contribute its might for the betterment of the Malaysian people.


The event was chaired by Y B Tuan Eddin Syazlee Shith (Deputy Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Republic of Malaysia), His Excellency
Mr. Le Quy Quynh (Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam), and Mr. Jun Pyo Kim (Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy Republic of Korea). Mr. Kim was all praise for the efforts being put up by SAM & MRAM has invited the entire team to participate in the Korean Film Festival to be held in Seoul in September 2018. He assured that the Republic of Korea will provide a 30% rebate on the costs incurred on all productions made in the Republic of Korea.

Source: NV1

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