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Justice MR Shah thanks Prime Minister Narendra Modi for releasing Gujarat High Court postage stamp

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is popular, loved, vibrant and visionary leader, Supreme Court judge Justice MR Shah said on Saturday expressing his privilege at being part of Gujarat High Court’s Golden Jubilee celebrations which saw the attendance of PM Modi.

The High Court celebrated its Diamond jubilee on Saturday with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi releasing a commemorative postage stamp.

I am glad and feel proud and privileged to participate in this important function of release of commemorative stamp of Gujarat High Court on completion of its 60 years and that by our most popular, loved, vibrant and visionary leader, Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendabhai Modi. I consider it a very special privilege to be part of this function,” said Justice Shah speaking on the occasion.

Stamp released to commemorate Diamond Jubilee of Gujarat High Court




Justice Shah proceeded to thank the Prime Minister for attending the event and releasing the stamp.

“On behalf of the High Court of Gujarat and the judicial fraternity in Gujarat am thankful to you for releasing the stamp of the Gujarat High Court which will be remembered for the number of years to come,” he stated.

Justice Shah also reminisced about his days as a lawyer at Gujarat High Court for 22 long years followed by his judgeship at the High Court for another 14 years.

“Gujarat High Court is my karmabhoomi where I practised for approximately 22 years as a lawyer and served as a judge for 14 years. I feel proud to be hailing from Gujarat High Court and Gujarat,” he added.

The Supreme Court judge added that Gujarat High Court has always stood for the independence of the judiciary and for protection of human rights whenever the need arose.

“Even in the dark days of Emergency, Judges of this court stood for the protection of human rights and independence of the judiciary,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented that the justice system is future-ready in India, while also referring to World Bank Ease of Doing Business in India rankings. Modi further highlighted the potential of Artificial Intelligence to reduce judicial delays.

Gujarat High Court Diamond Jubilee celebrations



Solicitor General Tushar Mehta while hailing the High Court for its accomplishments, added that,

We hope trust and pray that this great institution (Gujarat High Court) would achieve more milestones and we shall request our beloved Prime Minister to commemorate another step that is on the occasion when this institution completes its 75 years.”

He also touched upon the role of the executive when it comes to ensuring the success of the judicial institution, particularly when it comes to infrastructural and financial aspects. He observed,

“In the year 2000, we only had 160 odd buildings housing the district judges and other subordinate courts. Between 2002-2004 only, the number of court buildings has increased to 294 and the journey continues with the same speed till date.

Union Law Minister RS Prasad underscored that the Government’s commitment to the independence of the judiciary is complete and total. Recalling the Emergency period, Prasad spoke on the values highlighted by the Gujarat High Court in upholding civil liberties of the citizens during that period.

He went on to remark that the Basic Structure of the Constitution comprises of independence of the judiciary and also the separation of powers. Governance and law-making should be left to those elected by the people, he added before concluding his address.

Chief Justice of Gujarat the High Court, Vikram Nath and Advocate Kamal Trivedi also gave addresses at the event.


Via Bar & Bench
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