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Kabrastan At Sonsdo Despite Objections

The government has apparently rejected the muslim community’s objections to setting up the burial ground for them at Sonsdo and is going ahead with the proposal to acquire 31,00 square metres of land identified by the Margao Municipal Council (MMC) for the purpose.
The Land Acquisition Officer at Margao has apparently forwarded the file pertaining to this land acquisition to the government for sanction as the award exceeds the limit set up by the government earlier and hence official approval for the increased amount is sought.

Following a proposal from the MMC, the government had moved to acquire this land which partly belongs to the Communidade and partly to a private party.
However, the muslim community had objected to the kabrastan being set up at Sonsdo and a delegation had called on Chief Minister Digambar Kamat over the matter and he had reportedly assured them that he would look for an alternate site.
Matin Carol, one of the leading muslim from Margao said the community will not accept the kabrastan being set up at Sonsdo and regretted that the chief minister has gone back on his promise to provide them an alternate site.

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