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Kalangutkar joins AAP Goa

Panaji: AAP’s ranks were strengthened on Thursday with the joining of Sudesh R Kalangutkar, a prominent businessman and political and social worker from Merces.

Kalangutkar is a former ZP candidate from Chimbel constituency and former Congress Block President of St. Cruz constituency, having worked for the party in various capacities for two decades.

Kalangutkar contested ZP elections twice, first in 2015 he received 4608 votes as an independent, and then in 2020 when received 2371 votes on the Congress ticket.

Besides having a business in the transport sector, Kalangutkar is very active in the social and cultural field. He is the current President of the Merces Manch Welfare Association, the current President of the Siddhanath Kala Manch, current President of the Sateri Devalaya Sausthan and current President of the popular Merces Club.

Kalangutkar said the common man of Goa was completely suppressed by the ruling party. He said that he was particularly impressed that AAP was willing to put a timeline to its promises, especially in providing free 24/7 electricity.

He highlighted that common Goans like farmers were completely left to fend for themselves and that the free 300 units of electricity promised by AAP would be a lifeline for Goenkars.

“I was very impressed with AAP’s work based politics. For the first time we saw a debate in Goa on issues, with the AAP Power Minister promising not only free 300 units electricity but also zero power cuts within two years! BJP & Congress were not able to provide this in all these years,” he said.

“My entire family is a family of farmers, today farmers are losing their land under the watch of the BJP Govt. So many Buildings, by huge builders or for Govt offices are all made at the expense of our fields & now farmers are left to fend for themselves. Is this right?,” he asked.

“The people of Goa must give AAP a chance, they are the only party who are willing to give a timeline for their promises, and who can be trusted to be loyal to the people and keep their word,” he said.

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