Kale seeks Ex-Postfacto approval from Tourism Ministry

Department of Tourism Information officer Rajesh Kale – one of the representatives of the tourism department on the US trip exposed by GoaChronicle.com has now sought ex-post facto approval for the Ministry of Tourism and highly placed sources in the tourism ministry have stated that the tourism minister Nilkanth Halankar has signed it today afternoon.

The GoaChronicle.com expose highlighted the fact that Rajesh Kale had gone on this trip on his own accord and personal capacity without getting mandatory government protocol based approvals for the trip.

The current act by some in the Ministry for Tourism and Department of Tourism indicates that there is an attempt to cover up the issue under goverment approvals.

An Ex-Post Facto approval is only sought and given in emergency cases when government officials need to travel and it is approved in only emergency cases.


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