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Kamal Nath’ Assurance No Assurance

Union Minister for Roads, Kamal Nath on Tuesday sought to assure the people opposing the widening of National Highway in Goa but the assurance was no assurance at all as it was also couched in a threat to withdraw the project from the State.

Speaking at a function Kamal Nath said: “Roads cannot be at crossroads with people but they should be for the people.” He also added that the concerns expressed by Goans would be considered and assured that a solution would be worked.

However, in the same breath he also cautioned that funds cannot be kept unutilized and if the project is not moving in Goa, the funds earmarked for the State would be diverted to some other state, he said.

Kamal Nath later met a delegation of those opposed to the highway expansion plans but what transpired at the meeting is still a mystery.


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