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Kangana to become a Twitterati

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on Friday said that she has decided to increase her prominence on the social media and use it to put across her views regarding social issues.

In a video posted on Twitter, Kangana said that she has been in the film industry for nearly 15 years but till now has desisted from being active on the social media like many from the industry.

Ranaut said that there were several instances where she was offered deals worth crores, which had one clause; join social media, but she let go of them.

‘I have been often called a chudail. People took advantage of my absence from social media. However, I still didn’t come on social media because I never felt that distance from my audience.

Through my films, I imparted awareness on women issues and nationalism and wanted to put these points across in an artistic manner because I am an artist. However, in 2020 I got to see the power of social media. I saw how the nation came together to fight for Sushant Singh Rajput . So, I am hopeful that we can now raise our voice when it comes to New India reforms,’Kangana said in the video.

Kangana said that for her, it’s the beginning of a new relationship and she is looking forward to a great time being on Twitter.

Kangana has often been in news for her statements on issues like nepotism in the film industry. However, till now she has desist from being active on the social media.

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