Kannada actress arrested along with her partner for Love Jihad beheading

“Rakesh was a major hurdle to her love affair. Hence, he was murdered and the body burnt,” said Dharwad SP Krishnakant.

Another incident of Love-Jihad occurred in Karnataka when 32-year-old was strangled to death. Kannada actress Shanaya Katwe was arrested by the Hubballi Rural police on April 22, Thursday in her brother Rakesh Katwe’s murder conspiracy. As per The Dharwad police, the Kannada model-turned-actress had an affair with 21-year-old Niyaz Ahmed Katigar. The victim, Rakesh Katwe was against their relationship. And this was the reason he was killed.

It all begins with a damaged skull found in the remote forest area on the outskirts of Hubli city in north Karnataka on 10th April. The consecutive finding of other body parts in different parts of the city led to the arrest of model-turned-actress Shanaya Katwe and her friend. A farmer had found the damaged skull in Devargudihal forests outside Hubli on April 10, along with this after further investigation, other chopped and damaged parts were found near Gadag road. Dharwad SP Krishnakant led the police team to investigate the crime.

After a detailed study of CCTV footage on several roads guiding to the Devargudihal forest area, DNA examination of the body parts found in different regions of the city, and analysis of cellphone tower information, the Hubli-Dharwad police was successful in cracking the murder conspiracy. According to a police officer, the mobile phone that Shanaya was using when the murder took place, proved helpful to police track down the killers. According to police, Rakesh Katwe was the stepbrother of actress Shanaya Katwe. The police said that Shanaya Katwe’s family had adopted Rakesh Katwe as a child.

After police recovered the decapitated head of the body from the Devaragudihal forest area, further investigation revealed that Rakesh’s murder had a direct connection with his sister Shanaya. The Kannada actress was in love with Niyaz Ahmed Katigar, who is one of the accused. Rakesh was against their affair and this fact instigated them to conspire his murder. Niaz plotted Rakesh’s murder with help of his aides Aman Giraniwale, Altaf Mulla, and Tousif Channapur.

Shanaya Katwe was in the city to promote her upcoming film on April 9. The murder took place at Rakesh’s house itself in Hubballi on the same day. The victim Rakesh Katwe was strangulated to death. A day later, Katigar and his friends chopped the body, tried to burn the parts, and disposed of the pieces across various regions around and out of the city. They hoped that the incident would not affect them. But things didn’t go according to the plan and police found skull and damaged, mutilated torso in a plastic bag from the forest of Devaragudihal forest area, while his remaining body parts were disposed of across Gadag Road and different regions in Hubballi recently.

To investigate the conspiracy, Dharwad district police formed some teams. They arrested Niyazahemed Katigar (21), Tousif Channapur (21), Altaf Mulla (24), and Aman Giraniwale (19) from the city. Later, the police nabbed three other suspects. According to police, it appeared from the investigations that a Maruti Ritz car registered in Shayana’s name and a Hyundai Accent car in Aman’s name was used to dump the body after Rakesh Katwe’s death. After the arrests, Dharwad SP Krishnakant stated that the interrogation of accused Niyaz Ahmed Katigar and his aides revealed that Katwe was murdered because he was against Niyaz and Shanaya’s relationship. The Dharwad SP Krishnakant said, “Rakesh was a major hurdle to her love affair. Hence, he was murdered and the body burnt. Prima facie, it looks like a case of love-affair, we’ve not come across their affiliation to any organizations but our investigations are on.”

Kannada model-turned-actress Shanaya Katwe was arrested on 22 April, Thursday, and sent to judicial custody. The four accused caught in the murder case have also been sent to judicial custody. Model-turned-actress Shanaya made her debut in 2018 with the Kannada film Idam Premam Jeevanam directed by Raghavanka Prabhu. She was also seen in the recent adult comedy Ondu Ghanteya Kathe.

Krushna Patel

Intern, Goa

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