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Kantak withdraws defamation suit against Aires

Goa’s former Advocate General Subodh Kantak has withdrawn the 15 crore defamation case filed by him in 2008 against Adv. Aires Rodrigues.

Seeking to withdraw the case Subodh Kantak submitted an application before Panaji Civil Judge Senior Division Kshama Joshi that he was a Senior Advocate and practicing in the High Court and that due to his busy schedule and professional engagements he finds it difficult to proceed with the case he had filed against Adv. Aires Rodrigues.  Judge Joshi directed that the defamation case be dismissed as withdrawn.

After Adv. Aires Rodrigues highlighted the exorbitant fees being paid to the then Advocate General, Subodh Kantak initiated two defamation cases against Adv. Rodrigues. One case from the JMFC’s court moved to the High Court and later to the Supreme Court which later came to be dismissed by the JMFC after Subodh Kantak failed to appear for the hearings.

In the present case which was pending before Judge Kshama Joshi, Subodh Kantak had sought from Adv. Aires Rodrigues Rs 15 crores by way of compensation and has vowed to use the money for charitable causes like old age homes, orphanages and towards the welfare of animals.

Judge Joshi had already fined Subodh Kantak twice for failing to keep his witnesses present in Court and seeking repeated adjournments of the case filed by him in 2008.

Subodh Kantak who had been accused by Adv. Aires Rodrigues of being the country’s highest paid Advocate General was paid by the Goa Government over Rs 5 crores by way of fees over five years.

It may be recalled that after his infamous appearance in the Saleli case, the Goa Government had by an order directed that the Advocate General would be entitled to only a single fee if two or more cases involving an identical question are heard together.

The order to the Advocate General was issued after Adv. Aires Rodrigues complained to the Governor of Goa that Subodh Kantak  as Advocate General had on 27th January 2006 appeared before the High Court in the batch of 102 Saleli bail applications and was paid 102 times Rs 8000 i.e. Rs eight lakhs sixteen thousand though it was a common argument for the batch of bail applications and that Subodh Kantak  could have charged only a single fee of Rs 8000/-.

The Goa Government by another written order also directed that the Advocate General should refrain from accepting any cases from private parties even where the State Government was just a formal party.

Ironically the Goa Government has now further hiked the fees of the current Advocate General Atmaram Nadkarni to eight lakhs a month while he also continues to appear in cases against the Government.


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