Karan Oberoi “KO” on Father’s Day: My Father is my Role Model

Super model Karan Oberoi also known to people as “KO” reveals that his father Shri G.S.Oberoi may be not alive anymore, he still cherishes the kind of life his father used to live and he had been a upright man all his life, a complete role model one could see in him.
I have never in my life come across a human like him, so humble and a man of his words. A person who took responsibility at a very young age and carried the responsibilities of a parent to his siblings. He was always ready to help and give out as much of him to anyone in need. Be it his time, his presence, financial aid, he was always giving out.
I had never seen him complaining about anything in life, he had always been thankful to the almighty for everything. He tried to be content in life and always look for positive in all the situations in life. I have always admired his punctuality and the disciplined life he had.
There had been times, where we had our disagreements, initially he was apprehensive about me moving to Mumbai and pursuing a career that had no link to my educational qualifications. He was more concerned knowing that this industry often follows nepotism and I could never find a god father. My father had struggled a lot in his initial years, therefore he wanted us to have a comfortable life and provided us with the best of education to pursue our careers.
Ultimately, he saw me working hard during his last months, I saw the appreciation in his eyes. I knew that he believed in me more than any of his apprehensions.
We often bonded over cricket, food and our love for clothes.
A simple man who had helped people at large with lot of compassion, with no bad habits. You find out man’s character when you do something for society but never scream about it.
KO says’s he would be the most content if he could be even half the man his father was!!

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