Karan Oberoi (KO) (Model) : The Man Who Stopped The Isuzu Bull

It is a dark and mysterious night. A fearsome beast in the jungle bides its time. Trained men rally around it, trying to tame it. Some careful diversionary tactics later, the beast is isolated in a holding unit. For the time being. Cut to the city, where the beast is to be unveiled to a waiting public. A lone, brave man steps out of the crowd and with a show of his hand, calms the beast. The beast is the new Isuzu D-Max V-Cross – an ‘Adventure Utility Vehicle’ that is Isuzu’s launch in the Indian market. The man steps into the vehicle while everyone else watches in awe.

The lone brave man is none other than Karan Oberoi – a fashion and fitness model who is now topping the popularity charts after nearly a decade of being in the industry. In the past he has been the face of impressive campaigns like the Royal Enfield Biking Apparel Line and for FBB for two consecutive years. A graphic designer who stumbled on to the modelling world, this Delhi lad has made a name for himself in all the right circles.

Oberoi was asked to audition for the Isuzu commercial and after several rounds of auditions, was chosen from over 4000 hopefuls. The auditioning process lasted a week and eventually he was the one selected from the vast lot of models. “It was daunting. All the models who were auditioning were well-built and some of them were well-known faces of the industry. I really didn’t think I would make the cut” says Oberoi. His lean and fit physique definitely helped as did his unconventional but rugged good looks. The television commercial was well-received and a roaring success. It was aired religiously during the 2018 IPL screening as well as during auto shows on the Discovery Channel and continues to be aired till date. Oberoi sure grabbed a lot of eyeballs with this slick commercial for sure.

Oberoi is one of the few fitness models in the industry with a large social media follower base. His dedication towards health and fitness draws in a lot of the younger audience, looking to get fit themselves. “There is no shortcut to fitness. I have worked hard to keep my body in top shape and continue to do so” states Karan. He has vociferously spoken against unnatural and artificial ways to bulk up the body. The amount of work he puts in to his day-to-day routine definitely seems to have struck a chord with his fans, with an Instagram page that is very soon going to touch the one million mark. “If you are true to what you do, people will sense that. I hope that my influence will push the younger lot to have a healthier lifestyle” concludes Karan.

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