Karnataka victory extraordinary and unprecedented: Prime Minister Modi

Describing BJP’s Karnataka victory as ‘extraordinary and unprecedented’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday lambasted the Congress Party for its “divisive politics’’ and ‘distorted thinking’ in attempting to create a perception that BJP was a Hindi-speaking, north Indian party.

“Elections come and go, parties win or lose but to attack basic institutions as the Congress Party did for selfish reasons during Karnataka election campaign is worrisome,” he said. The state returned a hung verdict.

Addressing party workers at the BJP headquarters here, he seized the opportunity to lash out against the ruling Trinamool Congress Party in West Bengal for “crushing democracy and unleashing violence against opposition workers” in panchayat elections in the state.

He said people saw images on television of ‘how democracy was murdered’ in a state that has in the past given direction to the country. “This is unfortunate and I extol political parties, civil society and judiciary to play a positive role to ensure democracy is not murdered in the state.”

Modi said he was ‘happy’ by his party’s performance in Karnataka but at the same time saddened over the incident of fatalities that occurred in Varanasi on Tuesday evening due to collapse of a flyover. All out efforts were being made to rescue people buried under it.

Thanking the people of Karnataka for returning the BJP as the single largest party in the State, he said he always felt constrained by the fact that he did not know the language of each state but the people of Karnataka showered love on him and showed that language was not a barrier.

“Their support and enthusiasm generated new energy,” he said.

Modi assured them that his party will not let them down and join their march towards progress and development. “This party is a committed party with the dream of One Bharat,” he said.

The Prime Minister had a word of praise for Party President Amit Shah, who, he said, was a study in how elections are fought.

Earlier, addressing the workers, Shah said the BJP was short of seven seats from the magic figure but said the Congress need not celebrate because it had slipped from 122 seats to 77 seats and its sitting Chief Minister had lost from one seat and barely scraped through from another.

Most of its ministers had lost and were sitting at home.

He criticised the Congress for divisive politics by dividing the Lingayat community, creating misinformation on the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Act and using fraudulent voter identity cards.

Shah accused the Congress of using money and muscle power in Karnataka to win elections and said that “despite all this, under the leadership of Modi, this was the 15th election win for the BJP’’.

He said the victory march of the BJP will not stop here and the party will form the government again in 2019 and move in the direction of New India by 2022.

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