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Kavlekar convenes joint meeting of WRD & Agriculture Dept to solve irrigation related issues of farmers

Panaji: Goa Deputy Chief Minister Chandrakant ‘Babu’ Kavlekar convened joint meeting of Water Resources Department (WRD) and Agriculture Department at state secretariat on Friday to solve irrigation related issues of farmers.

Speaking in the meeting, he said, “Goan fields are under adequate irrigation throughout the year. Even after this we see some fields are not cultivated. We need to find reason behind this and motivate the farmers to take up cultivation atleast now.”

“After COVID 19 lockdown we have realized the real need for Goa’s agriculture produce, when we had to bring tones of vegetables and groceries from neighboring states. There is almost 100 kms of main irrigation canal that runs in the state, which completely covers the fields. Even after this we see lot of fields lying non cultivated. We need to find a solution to this”, he said, while addressing his concerns to the officers present.

The meeting was attended by PCE Shirkant Patil, SE Pramod Badami from WRD. From agriculture side meeting was attended by Secretary Kuldeep Singh Gangar, Director Agriculture Neville Alphonso, EE Rangaraju, AO Satyavan Desai.

It was proposed to form a joint teams of Agriculture department officers, WRD engineers and local Panchayats, to find and resolve this issue. It is proposed that these team will go to villages and discuss the non cultivation issue with the farmers and get to the root of the problem. The teams will then submit their report to the department for further action.

There are approximately 336 bandharas and 2000 small bunds on rivulets, that serve the irrigation of farming land in Goa. Even after this lot of irrigated land is lying uncultivated.

The agriculture officers will also study the cropping pattern in the villages and submit a deatailed report on this too separately. It was discussed that, Intercropping and multicropping techniques, if implement can substantially help to increase the agriculture produce in the state.

Via UNI-India

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