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Kavlekar Distances From Deepak

Member of Legislative Assembly representing Quepem constituency Chandrakant alias Babu Kavlekar admitted that the prime suspect in the killing of the two tribals on 25th May Deepak Faldessai was his supporter and worker, but sought to distance himself from his deeds.

According to reports in the local media, Kavlekar not only admitted that Deepak is his supporter, but also refused to give him a clean chit saying that he cannot attest Deepak’s innocence.

Significantly Kavlekar further added that just because his supporter was involved in the incident, does not mean that he is involved.

While pointing out that he belongs to the backward Dhangar community, Kavlekar claimed to have always supported the United Tribals Associations’ Alliance and therefore questioned why would he kill his below backward brothers.

He too claimed that neither he nor the Chief Minister with whom he had discussed the agitation expected the agitation to take a violent turn as it did.

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