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Kawthankar Complains of Death Threat


After being a victim of a brutal assault nearly two months back, National Students Union of India president Sunil Kawthankar has now received a death threat according to a complaint lodged by him with the police.

The caller reportedly told Sunil Kawthankar that he was doing too much and that he would be taught a lesson.

When the police traced the phone from which the call was made, it was found to be a coin phone.

Although the caller did not mention why he was threatening Sunil, he presumes it is because of the campaign launched by him against the drug dealer-politician nexus in Goa.

It may be recalled that on July 23 when Sunil was proceeding to Bicholim for the signature campaign launched by him to demand a CBI probe in the drug nexus cases, he was brutally assaulted and suffered severe injuries.


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