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Keep an eye on China: US Senators urge US Commerce Secretary

US Senators want the US Commerce Department to keep a close watch on China and Chinese businesses in the country.

A group of 10 Republican U.S. senators on Tuesday urged Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo to direct her department to work faster to identify new American technologies that China’s government could misuse if exported to that country.

Reuters has reported that the letter led by Senator Tom Cotton urged the department to identify “emerging and foundational technologies” as required under a 2018 law.

“We remain concerned that U.S. businesses export sensitive technologies to ostensibly civilian Chinese firms or accept investment from them only for these Chinese firms to promptly hand over this technology to the Chinese military or intelligence services,” said the letter that was also signed by Marco Rubio, John Cornyn, Ben Sasse, Rick Scott, and Todd Young.

The letter from the senators said Commerce has only produced “a limited set of controlled emerging technologies. So long as these lists remain incomplete and underutilized, the federal government will lack a properly functioning export control system and foreign investment screening process.

The letter added that it “leaves the United States unacceptably vulnerable to China’s economic predation.”


Savio Rodrigues

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