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Kejriwal gave 440 watts shock to BJP in Goa: AAP

By Sonakshi Datta

Panaji: Aam Admi Party (AAP) national spokesperson Raghav Chadha has accepted the challenge of BJP Minister Nilesh Cabral in Goa to debate on ‘governance models’ of both the AAP-led Delhi government and BJP-led Goa government. 

In a video message, Raghav Chadha, expressed, “Nilesh Cabral and his entire government have been in a state of shock ever since Delhi Chief Minister and AAP national convenor, Arvind Kejriwal announced that AAP will provide free electricity to Goans once it forms the government in the Year 2022.”

“BJP and Nilesh Cabral have got a ‘440 watt’ shock after AAP’s announcement on 24×7 free electricity supply to all Goan houses,” chided Chadha.

Accepting Cabral’s challenge, Chadha, stated, “I accept your challenge and would be more than happy to come to Goa and debate with you. Let’s have an open debate regarding the BJP’s Goa model of governance and the Kejriwal model of governance. Please let me know the time, date and venue and I hope you will not back out like the last time.”

Post AAP’s announcement of free electricity in Goa, Nilesh Cabral had made an appeal to the people of Goa not to get carried away with ‘empty promises’ of the AAP which he said, are short-termed and will destroy Goa in the future. He added, “I am sure that they are not interested in any freebies, from any quarters. They believe in working hard with total sincerity and earn their livelihood respectfully. The people of Goa are rather interested in seeing the overall and all-round development of their state.”

Earlier in November 2020, Nilesh Cabral had challenged AAP to debate the ‘power model’ of Goa and Delhi respectively. Chadha had accepted that challenge then too but after Cabral did not respond, the AAP National Spokesperson had alleged that the BJP high command had not permitted Cabral to follow through with the debate challenge. Later, the Goa Power Minister had replied saying he had no issue challenging his Delhi counterpart Satyendra Jain and pointed out that Raghav Chadha had no connection to the issue. Cabral then also stated that he had not challenged anyone.      

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