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Kenosha shooting – National Guard deployed after black man shot

Washington: The governor of the US state of Wisconsin on Tuesday announced the deployment of the National Guard to maintain “public safety” after a black man was shot by the police on Sunday.

The man Jacob Blake is said to be stable after officers shot him multiple times as he tried to get into a car in the city of Kenosha, a BBC report said.

His shooting comes on the heels of the entire country witnessing the Black Lives Matter protests and calls for police reforms and it also resulted in protests erupting in the city soon after news of the shooting spread, forcing the authorities to impose an emergency overnight curfew.

Governor Tony Evers has now called up the National Guard to aid the local police in maintaining law and order.
In a press release, Governor Evers said the “limited mobilisation” – made at the request of local officials – was to help law enforcement “protect critical infrastructure” and make sure people can demonstrate safely and peacefully.

The governor also called a special session of the state legislature on 31 August to discuss a package of laws announced earlier this year on accountability and transparency of the police.

Mr Evers announced the legislation in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in the neighbouring state of Minnesota. His death in May highlighted police brutality and racism in the US and sparked protests around the world.

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