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Kerala Floods nature’s punishment for people smuggling natural resources out of Tamil Nadu: Lawyer to Madras High Court

Comments exchanged “in lighter vein” during a Madras High Court hearing treaded into questionable waters on Thursday when a counsel saw it fit to amuse the Court by describing the 2018 Kerala floods as a form of natural retribution.

During the post-lunch session, the Court had taken up an environmental case during which the Bench went into a discussion on smuggling of sand into Kerala.

The hearing saw the Bench express concern that sand and other natural resources was being smuggled out of Tamil Nadu into the neighbouring State of Kerala.

The Bench added orally (presumably in a lighter vein) that smugglers were clever in that they were “importing” sand into Kerala, with the security at the Tamil Nadu border not proving as effective as it should be.

Curiously, a counsel arguing in the matter responded (again, in lighter vein) that this was perhaps why Kerala experienced floods and infectious diseases.

In a lighter vein, that is why nature punishes them with heavy floods… Floods, any infection, only Kerala gets it (first)“, the lawyer quipped.

The hearing carried on thereafter, without the Court dwelling (for better or for worse) on the comment, leaving (presumably) only this reporter nonplussed.

Via Bar & Bench
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