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Kerala Model: Revisiting the massacre by the Moplas

Romanticizing with the Kerala model has been a trend for some decades now, and Indian media has been very sincere in carrying forward this legacy for a long time.

Recently in Kerala the centenary of massacre of Hindus by the Moplas is celebrated by a controversial terror linked organisation called PFI in broad daylight and quite expectedly no action was taken by the government against the hate parade. This should lead the way for all of us to rethink about the way secularism is practiced in India.

We hardly read about the massacre of Hindus by the Moplas in our history books because as per popular belief Hindus can never be victims of religious violence unleashed by a particular community. This narrative has been pushed in an organised way by every major Institutions in the country, be it the government or the media. And rightly so! There has been hard work of 70 long years behind this.

The other day I was going through a book ‘Gandhi and Anarchy’, written by Sir C Shankaran Nair, the president of Indian National Congress in the year 1897. In the addendum section of the book, the revolutionary freedom fighter Anne Besant penned down her experience as one of the spectators of the gruesome massacre, ‘Malabar’s Agony’.

The harrowing depiction of the massacre put forward by Besant will shake you from inside. In every paragraph she made responsible the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi for such gruesome annihilation of the Hindus.

In one such instance she wrote ” How does Mr. Gandhi like the Mopla spirit, as shown by one of the prisoners in the Hospital, who was dying from the results of asphyxiation? He asked the surgeon, if he were going to die, and surgeon answered that he feared he would not recover, ” Well, I’m glad I killed fourteen infidels,” said the’ Brave, God-fearing Mopla, Mr. Gandhi so much admires, who “are fighting for what they consider as religion, and in a manner, they consider as religious.” Men who consider it “religious” to murder, rape, loot, to kill women and little children, cutting down whole families, have to be put under restraint in any civilised society.

Apparently, she was dejected with Gandhi being the upholder of such heinous atrocities done against the Hindus by the Moplas in the name of ‘khilafat’ and Painting this unrest as an insurrection against the British Government.

In one more instance she wrote ” Can you conceive of a more gusty and inhuman crime than the murders of babies and pregnant women? Two days back I had occasion to read a report given by a refugee in Calicut. A pregnant woman carrying 7 months was cut through the abdomen by a rebel and she was seen lying dead on the way with the dead child projecting out of the womb. How horrible! Another, a baby of six months was snatched away from the breast of his own mother and cut into two pieces. How heart-rending Are these rebels’ human beings or monsters? From the same quarters numerous forcible conversions are also reported, has given statement that he had seen with his own eyes that the heads of a dozen people were being shaved by the rebels and afterwards they were asked to recite some passages from the Quran. This he witnessed from a tree. I wonder what the authority of some people is who contradict the news of murders, and forcible conversions of Hindus. Let them come here and test the veracity of these statements for themselves.” 

She rebuked people who tried to whitewash the brutal killings of Hindus during the Khilafat movement. And everyone knows who these people were, of course the Gandhi and his supporters who supported the jihadi Khilafat movement in the name of freedom struggle.

What astonishing here is, even 100 years back Anne Besant was complaining about armchair intellectuals who passed their opinion without verifying the ground reality and paddled lies while sitting at home. This situation depicts today’s scenario quite well when major media houses work for propaganda suppressing facts. Now I realise how this perpetual effort of suppressing facts and truth has become a culture in India.

We all like to talk about highest literacy rate in Kerala but we do not like talking about Kerala being one of the top states in terms of unemployment rate. We like to talk about Kerala being the most secular state in India, but we do not like talking about how ISIS has become the biggest recruiter among all states despite such level of literacy. We all like to talk about Kerala being the best governed state but do not like talking about how the state has become a hotspot for political killings. We all like to talk about how great Kerala state healthcare system is, but do not like talking about how Kerala has become the state with highest number of COVID19 cases currently (more than 40% of country’s active cases currently).

A demand of a separate sate of Malabar has already been raised by the Islamists who feel proud about Jihadi Mopla rebellion. Kerala model might seem all rosy from exterior, but in reality, Kerala is sitting on a heap of explosives that might go off at any moment. I fear we might be heading towards another Kashmir in making in the God’s own country.

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