Kevin D’Mello – Actor

1- What do you think are the changes that have happened in Goa in the last four years and what do you see in the future of Goa in the next four years?

Iffi is the main change that has happened. It has given Goan Directors a big chance to show their films to the world on an international platform. And changes we would see in future soon with more Konkani films coming up with new technology and script

 2- What are the most critical issues working towards Goa’s advantage?

The beautiful scenic locations, the shoots which are happening in Goa, like Singham , Golmaal, C.I.D T.V serials coming up and big budget Tamil, Telugu, Hindi film makers are getting attracted to Goa.

3- What are the most critical issues working towards Goa’s disadvantage?

There is no film institute, which is very unfortunate. I hope that one is established soon so that we have more budding acting talents in the film industry.

4- What does Goa need to do over the next four years to be recognised as a Global destination?

I don’t think so Goa has to do anything. It is blessed with everything. People love Goa the way it is. It is the best.

5- Are the people of Goa its biggest drawback or its biggest strength?

If anyone comes to Goa, goes back with a smile. The people are its strength.

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