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Khalap Dismisses Charges

Goa State Law Commission Chairman Ramakant Khalap dismissed the recent charges leveled against him as politically motivated and due to fear that some quarters believe he may be contesting the next assembly or parliamentary elections.
It may be recalled that Advocate Aires Rodrigues had recently revealed that Ramakant Khalp was appointed chairman of the Goa State Law Commission, even though there were cases pending against him when the appointment was made.

While asserting that his slate is clean, Khalap opined that his detractors were probably using people and added that Aires might be acting at the behest of somebody else who has an axe to grind with him.

He pointed out that while earlier it was insinuated that he had a role to play in the disappearance of the file, once the file was traced in the Finance Department, nobody bothered to apologise to him.
He also dismissed the charges of huge expenses incurred on the Commission and pointed out that for nearly one year the Commission staff worked without any salary and clarified that the car allotted to him has been used on an average to travel 70 kms per day.
He also rubbished the claim that only a retired judge should head a law commission and pointed out that neighbouring Maharashtra’s Law Commission was also headed by an Advocate and argued that the Law Commission should be headed by a person having knowledge of the prevailing laws in the State.
As for the charge of charges pending against him at the time of his appointment as Law Commissioner, he said the same were withdrawn from the courts and pointed out that they were filed against the Board of Directors of the Mapusa Urban Co-operative Bank that was headed by him for non recovery of loans.

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