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Khela Hobe – West Bengal Elections 2021

As the election date is getting closer, in the electoral battlefield, politics is adopting a new look. It has always been the trend in Indian politics to do good and evil of the opposition parties, as well as to make a series of promises and claims, but the assembly elections in West Bengal have remained in discussions with their new colors.

These days the politics of West Bengal is moving forward with the help of slogans and mimes. The most popular slogan in this has been ‘Khela Hobe’, this slogan means that there will be ‘sports.’ And even more important thing is that TMC is also adopting this slogan and BJP is also using this slogan a lot. In an election, the same slogan should be chanted from the platforms of both the opponents and it is rarely seen or can be said. This slogan has been used the most in the election of Bengal till now.

Now we know one more thing which is more interesting. This slogan is neither a slogan given by BJP nor of TMC. This slogan is the slogan given by Shamim Usman, MP from Narayanganj, Bangladesh. In January, this slogan was used by the TMC leader but not from any party platform, but to make a song and upload it on his YouTube channel. TMC leader Anubrata Mandal used it in the election and said that fierce play will be a terrible game. Now this has become the most favorite slogan of Mamta Banerjee, she seems to be saying in every rally, are you all ready for Khela Hobe. TMC leader Anubrata Mandal used it in the election and said that fierce play will be a terrible game.

Why should Prime Minister Narendra Modi remain silent on this favorite slogan of Mamta Banerjee? He broke this slogan in his rally and said that “Khela end development started”, on which PM Modi also received a lot of praise. Along with Khela Hobe, BJP is also raising the slogan of “Jai Shri-Ram” from every platform. Although in every state elections, BJP is seen using this slogan in their election rally, but in West Bengal, this slogan is being introduced on a large scale, showing the BJP’s Hindutva face and strength.

There is a barrage of slogans in the election riots of West Bengal. In between these slogans, the BJP gave another slogan ‘Abar Bangla, Parle Shamla’ i.e. now Bengal, save it if you can. In retaliation for this slogan, TMC gave another new slogan ‘Bangla nijer mey ke e chae’, that is, Bengal wants only its daughter. With this slogan, the political battle of Bengal’s daughter and outsider broke out in the election of Bengal, in such a situation, it was also said that in Bengal, the BJP Chief Minister will make someone from Bengal.

Slogans of sloganeering between BJP and TMC are increasing every day. TMC also introduced a slogan ‘Bangdhwani’ which means the roar of Bengal. Mamata Banerjee, who has created her own identity in the world of slogans by raising the slogan of Maa, Mati, Manush, is currently injured and hospitalized, but she is soon to jump into the electoral fray again with the help of a wheelchairchair, after which she is from Bengal. Will be seen fighting with elections and attitude.

The BJP does not seem to show any kindness to Mamata Banerjee at all. Mamta Banerjee is recognized in every election only through her slogans, but this time the BJP is taking a tough fight with Mamta in this election. Wait for what will be the result of the election ruckus, but you will definitely enjoy the election with more new slogans in the election, because the rain of election slogans in Bengal is sure to be in full swing.

Saakshi Mayank

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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