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Kingfisher Airline Sent Back from Dabolim

 On the eve of the commencement of the tourism season in Goa, the refusal of permission for a Kingfisher flight to land at Dabolim airport has once again brought into focus the need to have a dedicated civilian airport for Goa.

Thursday morning due to heavy fog at Bangalore, the Kingfisher flight took off late and arrived at Dabolim at around 8:40 am nearly one hour beyond its scheduled arrival at 7:45 am. After hovering for around 15 minutes the flight had to return to Bangalore with the 51 passengers on board and inconveniencing the other 58 passengers waiting to board the flight at Dabolim.

It is learnt that the Kingfisher flight had to be turned back because from Monday to Friday the airfield at Dabolim is shut for civilian aircrafts from 8:30 am to 1 pm as the Navy conducts its sorties then.

Since the Kingfisher airline arrived during this period it had to be sent back. However, what has irked airline operators is the fact that the ATC at Dabolim did not intimate the Kingfisher airlines about the shut down before it took off from Bangalore.

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