Kirloskar-Vasundhara International film festival to be held from Oct 9

Kolhapur, Sep 24 (GCEntertainment) Four-days long, 10th Kirloskar-Vasundhara international film festival will be held between October 9 and 12 at Rajarshree Shahu Smarak Bhavan, to be organized by Kirloskar Industry Group.

Uday Gaikwad, an environmental studious Ramesh Chavan, senior general manager of Kirloskar Industry, said

in a statement that the theme of the festival is ‘Plastick la Nakar, Vasundharela Hokar’ (Refuse to plastic, Assent to earth).

Mr Gaikwad said the festival has been organising since last nine years in total 28 main cities in six states and as per every years concept, a seminar would be organized on subject of “implementation of plastic ban law and obstacles and remedies”.

More than 35 national and international films, short film, will exhibit during the four days international film festival, in which different activities including heritage walk, photo exhibition and study picnic will also organize in the festival, Mr Gaikwad said and added that ‘Vasundhara Sanman’, ‘Vasundhara Mitra’, and ‘Vasundhara Gaurav’, will be confirmed to the persons and institutions.

Via UNI-India

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