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Kolkata Police seizes 21 kg of contraband ganja, arrests four under Narcotics Act

Kolkata: The city police in two separate raids seized 355 gm of heroin and contraband 21 kg 300 gram ganja and arrested four drug peddlers under the Narcotics Act in the last 24 hours.

The Narcotic wing of Kolkata Police followed an input raid near Kalikapur on EM

Bypass last night and seized the heroin and arrested three drug paddlers. Police also

seized a vehicle used by the arrested miscreants.

In another raid at Haridevpur, also in the southern part of the city, police seized 21

kg 300 gm of contraband ganja and arrested a carrier.

The city police in last week also seized 180 kg of ganja from Belgharia Expressway.


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