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Konkani Retreat Hall at Muringur


The Divine Retreat Centre at Muringur, Kerala now has a dedicated hall to conduct retreats in Konkani language following its inauguration on 14th February. The hall named St. Francis Xavier Hall was inaugurated by Bishop of Mangalore Aloysius Paul D’Souza and consecrated by Bishop of Sindhudurge Allwyn Barreto.
The hall has a seating capacity of 1,500 which should cater to the needs of the Konkani speaking people attending the retreat at this centre as on an average there are around 1,000 people participating in the Konkani retreat.

The Divine Retreat Centre began functioning 25 years ago and the Konkani retreats were started about 19 years ago. Every week nearly 7,000 people attend the retreats conducted in seven different languages at this centre.
The Divine Retreat Centre run by Vincentian Fathers is renowned for its power packed preaching, miraculous healings and liberation from crippling addictions.
The aim of the centre is to be always at the service of the Church by renewing the lives of the people in the light of the word of God said Fr. Augustine Vallooran.


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