Konkani Rocks Europe !

Goans worldwide converged in the Dutch town of Amersfoort where a group of Goan musicians introduced Konkani music to the European stage at the Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz Festival. It was history in the making as the Indian delegation comprising of the noted performers the Monsorate Brothers, Sidhanath Buyao, Olavo Rodrigues, Veeam Braganza and Yatin Talaulikar showcased Konkani music to the world through a series of shows held over the weekend. The Goan delegation presented their art on a common stage along with musicians from Thailand, Kosovo, Russia and other nations.

A Jazz Treaty was signed between Amersfoort and Goa. The signatories of the treaty- Armando Gonsalves (Heritage Jazz Goa) and Alexander Beets (JazzNL) both believe it will lead to the enrichment of jazz worldwide. The treaty seeks to enhance the ties between Goa and other musicians worldwide. Armando Gonsalves who headed the Goan delegation said that Canadian singer Irene Atman (who has also performed with Lisa Minnelli and Luciano Pavarotti) showed a keen interest in using Konkani beats and tunes in her new CD.
The dream of taking Konkani to the global level was realized and people from across the world who attended the Jazz Festival were deeply impressed and joined in enthusiastically. 
The three day event culminated in London based Goan Rene Baretto receiving the Karmaveer Puraskar for his constant efforts at uniting Goans the world over. Commenting on the Konkani Rocks programme organized by Heritage Jazz, Rene Baretto called in it ‘something out of the world’ adding that it was a ‘big success’ enhanced by the presence of Goans from around the world.

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