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KRC Passengers Grumble


The Mumbai-Mangalore bound Konkan Kanya as it is was running two hours late and passengers were further inconvenienced when the train was halted indefinitely at the Margao Railway Station due to the rail roko at Balli.
This was a little too much to bear for Pune-based Girija Shankar who said he was fed up with train journey. “First of all, I cannot bear the heat and now God knows how much time we will have to waste here doing nothing”. Girija Shankar is on a visit to Mangalore with his friend.

Mrs. Irene Rodrigues, who had gone with her family to Mumbai, is on her way back to Karwar. “This is really annoying. It’s really difficult to travel with the kids under such circumstances”, she said adding that school admissions of her kids which were supposed to be held today have been delayed.
Her husband said that it was not the right way for the people to protest. “What we can do by sitting here, is just curse the people who are doing this. People should protest in front of the MLAs and concerned officers who are the main culprits and not inconvenience people who don’t even know what is happening”, he said.
Another passenger Promila Shetty said, “These protests affect only the middle class travelers. The so called MLAs and bureaucrats do not travel by train. Instead of carrying out Rail Roko, the protestors should stop the planes and sleep on the runways at the airports. Only then these people will come to know the seriousness of the problems.”
Vikesh Gaonkar, a Goan who is also travelling to Managalore in the same train said that this protest has turned aam aadmi to jam aadmi.
Meanwhile, two brothers who were travelling to Mangalore for their sister’s wedding decided not to take any chances and hired a taxi at the Margao Railway Station by paying Rs. 7,000 to take them to their home town to join the family celebration.


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