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KRC Posts Profits for the First Time

The Konkan Railway Corporation, for the first time since it commenced operations 11 years ago, recorded a profit of  12 crore which though a humble beginning is a good sign said Managing Director Bhanu P Tayal.
Briefing media persons at Margao he pointed out that the Corporation was earlier making losses to the tune of one crore per day. However, the situation has now changed with increased traffic and the projects undertaken by the Corporation he said adding that the target of posting three digit profits in three years, now appears achievable. The Anti-Collision Device of the KRC has achieved a major milestone by getting the patent in USA. This unique technology devised to avoid collision of trains has already got the patent in India, Europe, Australia, Singapore and China and currently is in the process of being patented in 13 other countries.
While the device is already in use in the North Frontier Railways which is a single non-electrified line, the final tests will be held in November on the Southern Railways which is multi-line and electrified line with a suburban network.
KRC has also undertaken an ambitious project of constructing the rail link between Jammu and Srinagar which entails constructing the railway line over bridges and through tunnels for nearly 100 kms in the mountainous region with even some stations being constructed on bridges.
As there are no access roads to the places where the tunnels are to be bored, earth moving machinery is scheduled to be air dropped to those sites on either 21st or 22nd October. After one year of planning this air dropping will be done by pilots of the Indian Air Force and will the first of its kind in the country.
KRC has also invited global expression of interest tenders in its ‘Skybus’ technology, which the MD said is tested and approved. However, after investing 50 crore in this project, the Corporation does not have funds to carry it forward and therefore is looking out for global partners who will share the profits with the Corporation.


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