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KRC Time Table The Non-monsoon timings of all mail/express and passenger trains on Konkan Railway section will come into effect from 1st November 2010 according to a advisory from the KRC. Konkan Railway was following monsoon time-table from 15th June this year that was effective till 31st October 2010. The non-monsoon time table will, therefore, come into effect for trains leaving from originating stations on and from 1st November 2010. The implementation of a special Monsoon Time Table during the monsoon season, in addition to ensuring safety, has also helped in maintaining punctuality and customer satisfaction.

Revised train schedule is as follows:


Train No. & Name Destination Time
0112 Konkan Kany Exp. (Daily)CSTM18:00
6346 Netravathi Exp. (Daily)LTT05:55
0104 Mandovi Exp. (Daily)CSTM09:30
2620 Matsyagandha Exp. (Daily)LTT20:55
2617 Mangala Exp. (Daily)HNZM03:50
2431 Rajdhani Exp. (Wed, Fri, Sat)HNZM10:25
2052 Janashatabdi Exp. (Daily)CSTM14:30
2449 Goa Sampark Kranti Exp. (Tue, Wed)HNZM11:20
2134 MAQ – CSTM superfast Exp. (Tue, Thu & Sat)CSTM19:00


Train No. & NameDestinationTime
0111 Konkan Kany Exp. (Daily)MAO10:45
6345 Netravathi Exp. (Daily)TVC22:40
0103 Mandovi Exp. (Daily)MAO18:45
2619 Matsyagandha Exp. (Daily)MAQ01:45
2618 Mangala Exp. (Daily)ERS19:25
2432 Rajdhani Exp. (Mon, Wed, Thu)TVC12:40
2051 Janshatabdi Exp. (Daily)MAO14:10
2450 Goa Sampark Kranti Exp. (Sun, Mon)MAO13:15
2133 CSTM-MAQ Superfast Exp.(Tue, Thu & Sat)MAQ07:00

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