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KRC Track Cleared, NH-17 Blocked

Following discussions with South Goa Collector G P Naik, the nearly 4,000 tribals who had blocked the railway track at Balli Railway Station lifted their seize of the track but continued the blockade of the National Highway No. 17.
The protestors moved away from the tracks by around 3:30 pm following which the tracks were cleared of the debris of the cut trees and unused rail lines and also the boulders that were kept on the tracks. Traffic on the Konkan Railway route commenced a little after 4 pm.

However, the protestors continued their blockade of the National Highway No. 17 and at around 4 pm police resorted to a lathi charge in a bid to clear the road. However, the crowd retaliated by pelting stones at the police and injuries were reported on both sides.

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