KRC’s Sky Bus Back on Rail

Konkan Railway Corporation’s ambitious Sky Bus technology is back on the rail with KRC inviting global expression of interest tenders for the technology that has been developed by KRC and which according to Siddheshwar Telugu, KTC’s chief public relation officer, is “innovative, environment friendly and cost effective alternative to rail based transportation system”.

While pointing out that the construction of Sky Bus is economic and faster by utilizing minimal land, he said KRC has conducted real life speed trials of 70 kmph on Sky Bus test track at Goa.
The Sky Bus tests came to a grinding halt after a tragic accident at its test track near the Madgaum Railway station which claimed the life of a young employee of the company.

Siddheshwar Telugu recalled that the very construction of Konkan Railway track is considered to be an engineering marvel and also drew attention to the various other technologies developed by the company including the anti-collision device which has now been adopted by the Indian Railways.

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