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KTC Drivers wants ‘badlis’ to be made regular

The KTC Drivers and Allied Employees’ Association has begun a protest at the KTC bus stand against the non regularisation of 68 ‘badli’ drivers. A ‘badli’ driver is a non-regular employee who works on shifts.
The association is affiliated to the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), which represents the majority workmen and employees in Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL), states a press release.

‘The association has expressed its serious concern over the failure of the KTCL management and the state government in not regularizing the services of the 68 ‘badli’ drivers on the permanent rolls of KTCL. These 68 ‘badli’ drivers are working for KTCL by providing continuous and uninterrupted service for more than seven to eight years. They are operating all the major routes within the state as well as inter state routes, performing work at par with other regular employees of KTCL,’ the press release stated.
‘Hence, denying these workers the benefits of regularization is totally an act of unfair labour practice. Worse, a public sector corporation which continues to indulge in such impunities is neither acceptable nor edifying. These 68 ‘badli’ drivers are most oppressed and exploited. These drivers are paid a meagre salary of ` 250 per day. They are not extended any benefits of legitimate overtime, paid weekly-offs, paid holidays, leave and medical benefits or bonus. The Government and its autonomous bodies ought to remember that they are required to act as ideal employers,’ states the press release.
‘The KTC Drivers and Allied Employees Association and the Goa State Committee of AITUC have demanded immediate ‘regularisation’ of the services of all the 68 ‘badli’ drivers on the permanent rolls of KTCL, without any further delay.
The AITUC – led Union has threatened to launch an ‘indefinite agitation’ in support of these 68 ‘badli drivers’ in case the KTCL Management and the state government do not resolve their issue of regularization, immediately,’ the press release stated.

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