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Kumaraswamy Stresses On Importance Of Safety

Secretary (Finance) S. Kumaraswamy highlighted the importance of safety and stressed the need for advanced measures to ensure safety of people working in the industrial sector, while speaking at safety week celebration organized by Inspectorate of Factories and Boilers, in collaboration with  Green Triangle Society and Pilerne Industrial Estate Association at GKB Vision Ltd, Pilerne on Friday.

Kumaraswamy said safety was not restricted to the industrial sector or workplace but it also needs attention in everyday life including the place where one stays. With reference to modernization in the industrial sector, he said, it is necessary to upgrade safety measures.
Secretary, Factories and Boilers, V. K. Jha stressed the need to create safety awareness among the workers and ensure their safer and healthy working conditions, which will help boost their productivity in the industries.

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