Kumbh Mela and Maha Shivratri to Drive the Demand for Agarbathi in Q3


The auspicious festival of Maha Shivratri is celebrated across the country with devotion and religious fervour in the honor of Lord Shiva. This year the festival will also mark the culmination of Kumbh Mela, one of the most prominent pilgrimage where devotees from across the globe travel to attain spiritual self. Agarbathi plays a very crucial role during this time period and the demand for premium and long lasting batti’s increases prominently.

Mr. Sharath Babu, President AIAMA

Mr. Sarath Babu, President, All India Agarbathi Manufacturer’s Association, said, “This is the time of the year when temples and devotees across the country indulge in sing hymns and praises, be part of nightlong vigil and observe fast for the wellbeing of their loved ones. Agarbathi and Dhoopbathi being a crucial element of the pooja rituals witnesses increased demand across markets especially in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Assam. Demand increases for long lasting batti’s as temples across India host pooja rituals that continue through all day and night.”

Sandalwood and Champa agarbathi are in demand in Karnataka region, followed by Mogra in Maharashtra & Gujarat and Citrus in Kolkata. Demand for Rose and fusion fragrances is expected to increase in North and Central India regions like Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Bhopal and Indore.

“India is the host for world’s largest congregation of pilgrims, kumbh mela as it has a deep philosophical and spiritual significance for devotees. Agarbathi plays a significant role in fulfilling the day long rituals and various fragrances are believed to have an impact on self and soul cleansing thereby leading to salvation. Demand for agarbathi’s have almost doubled in UP owing to two month long kumbh rituals,” added Mr. Sarath Babu.

With key festivities marked for the first quarter of the year and revelries around Kumbh mela this year, demand for agarbathis and its allied products is expected to rise by 8-10%. Wet dhoop batti continues to attract preference in states like Jammu, Punjab, Haryana, UP, MP, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh & Rajasthan while other regions have fondness for both dry dhoop batti and agarbathi.

About All India Agarbathi Manufacturers Association (AIAMA)

Established in the year 1949 as MOMA (Mysore Oodabathi Manufacturers’ Association) by seven founding members, AIAMA has been working tirelessly towards encouraging the growth of Agarbathi industry and allied products in India. In the early 80’s, with increased interest and participation of manufacturers from other Indian states, MOMA was renamed to ‘All India Agarbathi Manufacturers Association’ (AIAMA). With head office in Bengaluru, at present more than 1000 Agarbathi manufacturers across India are life members with AIAMA. The association has been aggressively working with the industry peers, policy makers and government bodies to address various issues of the Agarbathi and allied industries. Association’s efforts are not only restricted to the support and growth of Agarbathi industry in the domestic market, but also to drive for demand growth in the international markets.

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