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Labourer Murdered, One Held

Police on Sunday evening succeeded in nabbing one of the co-worker suspected to be involved in the brutal murder of 25-year-old Shamsher Ansari a native of Jharkhand working at a construction site at Pedda, Varca.
The labour contractor had arranged a room for six labourers working at the site to live in while another room was arranged for other labourers. As the six labourers had worked on an earlier site, they were lodged in one room.
However, a brawl broke out between the six after they had consumed alcohol to celebrate the New Year and the same resulted in Shamsher being killed.
All six labourers fled from the scene and the dog squad pressed into service led the police to the main road.

Police however nabbed Gadang Surendra also a native of Jharkand, at Taleigao on Sunday evening and he is expected to reveal the cause of the murder and also to the other labourers.
Police have seized the pickaxe believed to be used to commit the crime.

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