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Landslide blocks Konkan Railway once again

Movement on the Konkan Railway was once again disrupted following a landslide at Ratnagiri in Maharashtra on Wednesday morning. Various trains that were en route along the Konkan Railway have been halted at different stations. Immediately affected were the Ernakulam Delhi bound Mangala express and Trivandum-Mumbai Netravati express.

Since flagging of the first train on this route on 26th January 1990, the route has been beseiged with landslide during every monsoon season. The heavy rains in the region play havoc with the terrain through which the route passes over soaring hills and plunging valleys.

Hailed as an engineering marvel, the 760 kilometer long route comprising of 2,000 bridges including culverts and 92 tunnels Konkan Railway has become a lifeline for the coastal states providing rapid movement of goods and passengers.

Konkan Railway Corporation has taken up various steps to prevent loss to life and property due to the landslides including inventing and introducing remote sensing devices that warn of blockages on the route. Besides, nearly 29 lakh saplings of vetiver grass have been planted along the Maharashtra-Goa sector embankments to prevent soil erosion as this is the sector where the landslides mostly occur.

Rail traffic is expected to resume soon on the route as Konkan Railway has by now acquired real expertise in handling landslides


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