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Lavrov describes Putin-Biden summit in Geneva as ‘frank, businesslike’

Moscow: The summit of the Russian and US leaders in Geneva was frank and businesslike, and Moscow is satisfied that the two sides were able to share their stances and expressed their intention to normalize relations, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the Indonesian Rakyat Merdeka newspaper.

“In our opinion, the Russia-US summit was frank and businesslike. The sides managed to discuss in detail the situation in bilateral affairs, to exchange views on strategic stability, arms control, regional conflicts,” Lavrov said in an interview ahead of his visit to Jakarta.

The Russian side has been satisfied with the results of the talks, as both parties stated clearly their positions and “demonstrated the desire to understand each other,” he added. Though modest, the outcome can still be considered a step forward toward the “restoration of normalcy” in relations between the two countries, which, according to Lavrov, should be based on mutual respect.

At the same time, Lavrov stressed that Moscow has no illusions about its relations with Washington. He noted that almost immediately after the summit, the US officials, including those present in Geneva, resumed their aggressive and moralistic rhetoric toward Russia.

Lavrov further expressed regret that Washington continued to “lecture” Moscow, threatening to put more pressure if Russia does not “accept the rules of the game” set out in Geneva.

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