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Law & Order’s Breakdown Proof: Manohar

Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar termed the fight between Jose Philip and Micky to be evidence of the total breakdown of law and order in the State.
He pointed out that as per the laws of the land, Jose Philip should have lodged a complaint with the police if Micky was distributing money. “However, he did not do that and instead took the law in his own hands,” he recalled.

Manohar argued that Jose Philip despite being a minister did not have the confidence to go to the police with his complaint because he knew that the police would not do anything and argued that this was clear evidence of the total breakdown in law and order machinery in the State as even ministers have lost confidence in the police.
While admitting that Jose Philip’s behavior was unbecoming of a minister and that he should be dropped from the cabinet for that, he also said that the government should be dismissed because of the lawlessness it has brought about.

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